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Victoria Fortress manufactures, sells and supplies chemical products. The main areas are flotation reagents, industrial chemistry, petrochemistry, agricultural chemistry, etc.

The chemical products of our company are presented in a wide range: chemical reagents (collectors, foaming agents, pH regulators, depressants), thiourea, caustic soda, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydrosulfide and sodium sulfide, calcium hypochlorite, various types of alcohols, raw materials for the paint and varnish industry, solvents, as well as raw materials for the leather industry.

Production facilities of Victoria Fortress are high-tech full-cycle equipped with modern machinery. The introduction of innovative technologies, the automation of basic technological processes and the improvement of quality control methods make it possible to supply chemical products to the world market. Product quality fully complies with international standards, the appropriate packaging and goods in them can be exported to all countries of the world.

Own warehouses in several regions of the CIS countries and South Asia, prompt delivery organization and a wide international network allow us to organize uninterrupted supplies of chemical and petrochemical raw materials for the production of any scale. We will always advise you on chemical product and arrange delivery to your production.

Our company delivers the raw materials you need in any required volumes quickly. We guarantee the minimum time for shipment and delivery to any region of Russia or the world. We offer convenient conditions for the delivery and payment of orders for chemical products. For more information on shipping, tariffs and delivery times, please call, email or fill out an application form on our website to calculate the fare.