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Our company provides a full range of services for the delivery of industrial chemistry, petrochemicals, flotation reagents, agricultural chemistry, and also industrial equipment in the shortest time with a full package of supporting documentation. We are engaged in the development and optimization of logistics solutions.

Together with Victoria Fortress, you get efficient logistics solutions for optimal tariffs and the ability to control the delivery process. We provide our customers a range of services, including warehousing, quality control, organization of transportation, freight forwarding services, preparation of accompanying and approval documents. Working with large companies, we understand that the timely and reliable delivery of goods plays a decisive role in the activities of the enterprise. We make sure that you receive products on time and with minimal financial costs.

Also, our customers can use the ISO tank containers to transport certain products. Over the years, we have created the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of large-tonnage and non-standard transport.

The time and cost of delivery depend on the method of transportation of goods, which will be the most acceptable for you. Our experts will select and calculate the most beneficial logistics route that will minimase time and reduce fare. When planning the delivery time of goods in general, we take into account that the delivery time may be affected by the situation in ports, at customs posts, holiday or days off in the country of customs clearance, as well as many other factors.

For more information on shipping, tariffs and delivery times, please call, email or fill out an application form on our website to calculate the fare.

Asia Sea Port