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The big bags are used for a bulk chemical products' transportation. We deliver some types of xanthates such as PIPX, SAX, PAX, SBX, SEX, SIBX, SIPX in big-bags.

We claim the stringent requirements of the chemical packaging. It is our key concern to work together with our customers on the proper containment of chemical products. We have expert solutions for a broad range of packaging requests and can send our chemical products in tailor made big bags for your specific needs.

The reasons of using proper bulk packaging for the chemical industry:

  • Minimize hazardous risk during transporting, storing or unloading chemicals.
  • Proper containment of chemicals' purity.
  • Chemically inert packaging to prevent contamination.
  • Protect against chemical and physical damages of products.
  • Regulate moisture content of the chemical composition to preserve it as safely as possible.

We use leading expertise solutions in chemicals packaging, that's why we are sure in the quality of our products.

  • High confidence in chemical safety.
  • In compliance with legal requirements.
  • Our packaging suppliers meet most stringent safety inspection.
  • Minimize risk of electrostatic discharge hazards.
  • Complete protection during transportation, storage and operations.