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At 23:35 on October 13th, the 75025 China-Europe Express train, loaded with 50 containers of decorative cloths, electric irons, tableware, mirrors and other materials, slowly departed from Wuwei South Railway Station and was reloaded at the Khorgos Port in Xinjiang. Departed and soon will arrive in London, England. This is the sixth China-Europe Express train from Wuwei South Railway Station this year.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the train, the Lanzhou Freight Center of Lanzhou Railway Bureau has increased its cooperation with the Wuwei Free Trade Zone logistics center, giving priority to the ticketing business, optimizing the operation process, actively organizing the loading, and ensuring that the trains depart on time. For container vehicle transportation, priority is given to special vehicles with container F-TR locks, and gantry cranes and front cranes are used to efficiently and quickly carry out container loading operations to ensure loading quality, loading efficiency and transportation safety. The Wuwei South Train Depot arranges special personnel to monitor and control on-site pickup and delivery of vehicles throughout the entire process, strictly implement the operating standards for key links such as marshalling, shunting, and cargo inspection, and communicate, contact, and fast-forward quickly to improve operating efficiency and ensure The train drove on time.

Gansu serves as a strategic passage connecting the Eurasian Continental Bridge and a transportation hub in the northwest and southwest. The continuous operation of China-Europe express trains will further promote Gansu to accelerate the formation of a new pattern of opening up, optimize resource allocation, improve the investment environment, promote corporate restructuring, and serve local economic development. It will also bring the people of the countries along the route closer together.